Weekend Catch Up

Until one of two things happen, I’m making this site the new home for my blog. Unless a) Blogger and Chrome learn to work together as a team or b) my laptop is fixed, I’ll be posting here. I’ve simply run out of time to fight with Blogger or even Firefox.

Had a good weekend; passed out a few cards on Sat at the Stroll, even though it was freezing cold and the spouse thought we were all insane, I told people Murphy was a bitch; the past several parades have been in the 30’s, and Friday was still in the high 40’s/low 50’s. Trust it to be cold the year they scheduled the parade on Saturday!

Karaoke was packed; I was only able to sing 3 songs, and only because I played on Mark’s (drunk) sympathies:

Faith of the Heart: Did well on it, but when Mel picked up my camera, she accidentally hit the battery compartment, knocking them out. So no video.

Everybody: Mel and I decided to try this, since another group had sung Step By Step (New Kids on the Block), but we bombed. Chalk this up to temporary insanity!

Faithfully: Nailed this one, which thrilled me! I’ve been singing it ever since it released over 30 years ago, and I’ve been dying for the chance to sing it. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t seem to appreciate my talents, as they drowned me out with their conversation….or so it seemed, anyway. I’ll review the video footage and see if I can be heard.

Sunday was busy, as I had a CRHP ‘reunion’ and the two recipients of their framed song and poem were thrilled! I’ll be giving the other one out tonight, Thursday, or next Wednesday, since she wasn’t there.

I was a little pissed off when I sat down to watch 60 minutes. CBS had stated it was to start at 7:30, so I enjoyed dinner with the family. But football had apparently (gasp!) finished early, and I missed 20 minutes of it, the story I had actually wanted to see.

Amazing Race: While I was happy to see the Ice Rink girls be eliminated, I was also thrilled to note I was spot on about Nicole’s use of the Express Pass. Had it not been Amy’s generosity in helping her (cannot believe someone does not know what an octave is! Did the woman never pay attention in music class???), she and Travis would have been going home.

Good Wife: This season gets weirder and weirder. Is Will that bitter toward Alicia? That new smarmy lawyer he hired….yeah, if I wanted to get back at someone, that stunt was ingenious and I’d want him on my side. But on the other hand…..that was annoying.

Yesterday, I neglected to post. But then again, I’d overslept; didn’t even get dressed until 1pm; and had to take the youngling to the dr. Spent the afternoon doing laundry and typing up what I’d written in longhand over the weekend.

Heading Into The Homestretch!
NaNo deadline is this Saturday, and I’m only at the 22K mark. But, I’m hoping to finish Brock and Tricia’s story, then find a title for it, so I can send it off by February. The alien culture keeps developing as I write it, so I’ll have to go back and fix a lot in the earlier chapters. And that was my NaNo goal all along, so I’m thrilled:)

Tomorrow: More Hump Day fun:)

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