HDH #30

Currently Reading:  Finished Soulbound last night and WOW!  Really enjoyed this story of three friends finally admitting their true feelings for one another.  Also finished The Price of Defiance.  Now onto The Bitch in the Kitchen:)

I know; there’s no ‘official’ HDH today.  But I’m still fighting with Chrome and Firefox, and apparently I can’t add any photos to this blog while in Chrome.  And FF is moving at a snail’s pace, so I quit trying over there.

Anyway, here’s another snippet from my NaNo wip.  Brock and Tricia finally have their first argument.

“She’s what, sixteen? From what your mother has said, she’s almost of age,” Tricia reminded him. “I know she’s your baby sister, but you’re going to have to accept her choice. How did she first feel when you told her about me?”

Brock looked at her. “That is different.”

“How so? Re’Nah told me how she tried to dissuade you from pursuing me.”

“I knew what I wanted, and nothing was going to stop me.” Brock folded his arms across his chest.

Tricia tipped her head to one side. “Then how do you know you’re right and Ki’Rah’s wrong? Flip it around, Brock. You’re the youngest and pursuing someone nearly thirty years younger than you. Your older siblings question your decision, even expressing disapproval at every turn. How does that make you feel?”

“Do not use your Earthling psychology on me.”

“Then quit acting like a jackass and be happy for your sister.” Tricia’s temper flared. “Yes, your sisters haven’t followed an exactly approved path, and neither did your brother. You went outside your solar system and brought me home, an alien who has to wear dark glasses and drink water all the time, because your liquids are too spicy for me. But all you can say is, ‘I know what I wanted and nothing was going to stop me.’ Can’t Ki’Rah say the same? Or does she have to grow up in order to say that?” She put her hands on her hips. “If she’s anything like teenagers on my world, she may run off with Da’Til just to get away from you. Is that what you want?”

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