Monday Catch Up

Currently Reading: Loved, loved, LOVED both Motor City Fae and MC Witch:) Somebody slap me the next time I don’t immediately pick up a Cindy Spencer Pape book….when will I learn? I read MC Wolf last year or so, and enjoyed it, so decided to buy the 1st two. WOW! I can’t say enough good things about this series. I’m going to find MC Wolf and reread it, then hunting up the final book for next month. Then I’ll move on to The Price of Freedom by Jenny Scwartz.

First of all, it’s my sister’s birthday….
Happy Birthday Wendy!!!! I love and miss you!

Yes, it’s Monday again. Spent most of the weekend curled up with the Kindle and napping, since it rained. Woke up yesterday in time to fix dinner, then watched 60 Minutes (my hubby is one of the many who is honestly qualified for disability; he can’t see! Two doctors confirmed he wouldn’t pass any eye tests!), Amazing Race (see rant below), and Good Wife.

Amazing Race: Why does competition bring out the worst in people? OMG Marie…do us all a favor and SHUT UP. I heard one team call you ‘Pinky and the Brain’. Wonder if it will stick for the rest of the show?

Team Bingo: Never, ever think you have an ‘edge’ on someone w/o double and triple-checking. Thankfully, your bus arrived only a half hour behind the others, but you obviously didn’t read the clue thoroughly. Next time a native tells you you have the wrong info, listen to him? I figured you’d get docked; thankfully they guys at the check-in told you you had the wrong cart! This is why you were eliminated. Too many mistakes on the same leg.

Team B-Ball Wives: Give up on Marie giving you the other Express Pass. She’s too selfish and it would serve her right to get be eliminated with both of them still in her possession.

Team Hippie-Dudes: Congrats for a great leg! Glad you kept your heads in this one:)

Karaoke Update:
Edge of 17: Did well, only flubbed up in one place. Then another girl sang it an hour later, but everyone at my table said mine was just as good:)

Escape: I knew, going into this one, it would be a one-shot-wonder. Waaay too low, but I’ve always loved this song, and people sang along on the chorus:)

Everlasting Love: I obviously hadn’t practiced the Gloria Estefan version; I screwed up the ending. Wonder if Mark has the Rex Smith version I could sing in my sleep?

Come Sail Away: Friend J-Boo requested this, since she’s moving out of town this week. Rocked the bar with this one! Everyone sang along:) So went out on a high note!

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