HDH #23

As always, for more Hump Day Hook fun, go here:)

Last week, I gave you Kayla’s POV in the new wip; today, here’s Hunter’s. Enjoy!

Could he do this? Was his career so important to him, to take another woman into his bed with whom he felt nothing more than physical pleasure? There had been no emotional connection in any of the three times they’d been together today. He respected her business finesse, the way she looked on his arm, the way she sought her pleasure with abandon. Did he want to do this, strictly for the promotion and success he craved? Was being a Vice-President so important? Or was he happy in his current position?

Hunter wrapped the condom in toilet paper and flushed it, then splashed cold water on his face. You’re thirty-six years old and still kow-towing to the Old Man’s line about work equaling success. I’m not going to turn out like him, staying with Mom out of obligation while having fun on the side. I’m not like that! Why can’t I have happiness with the girl I love?

Because you fell for an artist who cares more about creating beautiful things instead of working her way up the corporate ladder.

Did you check out yesterday’s reading schedule for the month? If you wonder how I find the time to read, I try to read a chapter in the afternoon, and another before bedtime. And since the daughter and I are sharing my Kindle (someone said 84 days til Christmas?), I’m doing the majority of my reading on the Kindle app on my computer.

Come back tomorrow for the first critique post of The Third Book In The Series Which Shall Not Be Named (TTBITSWSNBN).

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